Dr. Akunthita Borthakur

Dr. Akunthita Borthakur

Associate Professor

Ph.D. : Gauhati University

Research Interests:

History, Society and Culture of North-East India
Joined the University in Jun 28, 2004

Phone: 9435868977
Email: akunthita.borthakur@cottonuniversity.ac.in

Vidwan Profile

Research paper publications till 2021

Research Publications


1 .‘Understanding ‘Chomangkan’- the funerary customs of the Karbi community of North-East India’, ‘International Journal Of Basic and Applied Research’, ISSN  NUMBER: 2249-3352 , Cosmos Impact factor: 5.86, July, 2018 ( Peer Reviewed).

2.‘Interpreting Oral Traditions of the Dimasa Community of  North-East India’, ‘The Research Journal of Social Sciences’,  ISSN NUMBER:0025-1348,  Cosmos Impact factor: 5.250, July 2018 ( Peer Reviewed). (JOINT PAPER WITH DR. RITU THAOSEN).

3.‘Cultural Transmissions of India to South –East Asia: From a Historical Perspective’, Research Review, International Journal of Multidisciplinary,Vol-3, Issue-10, ISSN  NUMBER: 2455-3085, Cosmos Impact factor : 5.214,  October, 2018 ( Peer Reviewed). (JOINT PAPER WITH DR. RITU THAOSEN).

4. ‘The Autonomy Movement In DimaHasao District Of Assam: Some Observations’, ‘Research Guru’, Vol-12, Issue-3, ISSN No:23-49-266X, Impact factor: 4.081,  December, 2018 ( Peer Reviewed).

5. ‘The Non-Cooperation movement and the Hindu-Muslim fraternity in Assam’ The Mirror, annual peer reviewed U.G.C approved journal, Dett.of History, Chinamara College. Assam.

5. ‘Rethinking the role of women of Nagaon district in the Quit India Movement’, ‘Research Guru’, Vol-12, Issue-4, ISSN No:23-49-266X, Impact factor: 4.081,  March, 2019 ( Peer Reviewed).

Published book

‘History of Assam’ Bookland Publications,  Panbazar, Guwahati, Assam, 2019. (Joint).