Dr. Digvijay Kumar Singh

Dr. Digvijay Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. : Jawaharlal Nehru University

Research Interests:

Ancient Indian History; Early Medieval India; History of South East Asia; Indian Ocean Studies; Economic History; and Epigraphy
Joined the University in Mar 3, 2020

Phone: 9205828148
Email: dksingh@cottonuniversity.ac.in

Vidwan Profile

Research paper publications till 2021

1. Singh, Digvijay Kumar, 'A Note on the Coastal Economy: Malabar c. 11th-12th centuries, Proceedings on the Indian History Congress, 72nd Session, Patiala, 2011, pp. 392-399

Book publication relating subject/research concerned

Gomes, Mekhola, Digvijay Kumar Singh and Meera Vishwanathan, eds., Social Worlds of Pre-modern Transactions, Delhi: Primus Books, 2021

Chapters/Articles publications in Books (Research Oriented)

1. Singh, Digvijay Kumar, “Jews and Maritime Trade of Malabar, c. 11th-13th Centuries: Gleanings from the Business Letters from Cairo Geniza”, in Pius Malekandathil, Lotika Varadrajan and Amar Farooqui, eds., India, The Portuguese and Maritime Interactions Vol I: Science, Economy and Urbanity, Delhi: Primus Books, 2019 2. Singh, Digvijay Kumar, ‘Perceptions of Coastal Topographies: Malabar and its Ports, c.10th-14th centuries CE’, in Kenneth R. Hall, Rila Mukherjee and Suchandra Ghosh, eds., Subversive Sovereigns Across the Seas: Indian Ocean Ports-of-Trade from Early Historic times to Late Colonialism, Kolkata: The Asiatic Society, 2017 3. Singh, Digvijay Kumar, “Hobsbawm Hamare Liye (in Hindi)’ in Kavita Nandan Surya ed., Sodh aur Alochana: Hamare Samay Ka Sach, New Delhi, 2013, pp. 100-104.