Dr. Preetee Sharma

Dr. Preetee Sharma

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. : Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Research Interests:

Ancient Indian History; Archaeology; Material Culture Studies; Pottery Analysis of Early Medieval Brahmaputra Valley; and Ethno-Archaeology
Joined the University in Nov 24, 2015

Phone: 9717687931
Email: preetee.sharma@cottonuniversity.ac.in

Vidwan Profile

Research Projects

slno Name of the Project Name of the Principal Investigator Name of the Copi Name of the Funding agency Type (Government/Non-Government) Year Funds sanctioned (INR in lakhs) Duration of the project
1 An Ethnographical Survey of Pottery Traditions From the Lower Brahmaputra Velly (Kamrup, Nalbari, Goalpara and Dhubri Districts of Assam) Dr. Preetee Sharma ICHR Government 2019 2.00 2 years

Research paper publications till 2021

1. Sharma, Preetee, 2012, 'Ambari: A Special Note on the Decorated Ware', Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, 72nd Session, Delhi, pp. 1099-2007

2. Sharma, Preetee, 2015, 'Pottery Decorations in the Brahmaputra Valley (c. 6 - 15th centuries): A Comparative Study', Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, 75th Session, Aligarh, pp. 1116-1124.

3. Sharma, Preetee, 2018, 'An Analysis of Decorated Pottery from Ambari, Brahmaputra Valley: Technique, Function and Distribution Pattern (Circa seventh to fifteenth centuries CE)', Kalakalpa IGNCA Journal of Arts, Vol 3, No.1, pp. 113-132.

4. Sharma, Preetee, 2018, 'A Micro Study of Pottery Traditions from the Early Medieval Brahmaputra Valley (c. 7th - 13th centuries, CE)', Heritage: Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies in Archaeology, Vol 6, pp. 310-332.

Chapters/Articles publications in Books (Research Oriented)

1. Sharma, Preetee, 2014, Ambari Ware: Networks and Linkages in the Brahmaputra Valley from the 7th century CE to the 17th century CE in Tiatoshi Jamir and Manjil Hazarika, eds., 50 Years After Daojali Hading: Emerging Perspectives in the Archaeology of North-East India, New Delhi, pp. 385-398.

2. Sharma, Preetee, 2021, 'Ancient Fluvial Trade Route' in G.Pangere, B. Nishat, X Liao and H.M. Qaddumi (eds), The Restless River, World Bank, Washington DC, 2021, p. 259.

3. Sharma, Preetee, 2021, 'Technology of the Brahmaputra Valley: A micro-study of pottery fabric (7-17 centuries CE) in M.K. Chauley & M. Hazarika (eds) in Archaeology in NorthEast India: Recent Trends and Future Prospects, Research India Press, New Delhi, pp. 205-225. 

4. Sharma, Preetee, 2022, ' Understanding the Past through Pottery: A Case Study of the Early Medieval Brahmaputra Valley ( 7th-12th centuries CE)', in Nalini Rao (ed), Facets of Indian Culture, Aditya Prakashan: New Delhi.