About History Department

The opening of the Department of History synchronises with the establishment of the college in May 1901. Babu Paresh Nath Lahiri was the first Professor who taught History in the college and was  later joined by Babu Padmanath Bhattacharya Vidya Vinode from June 1905. In 1909-10 the college was raised to the First Grade college status. Professor Bijoy Chandra Sen Gupta was appointed as Professor of History in June 1909. In July 1911 Babu Bhuban Mohan Sen joined the college as Lecturer in History. From the beginning of the session 1913-14, Honours affiliation in History had started under Calcutta University. ‘The Assam Bilasini’ published from Jorhat in its issue of 29th October 1914 pleaded for M.A Classes in History and Economics as well. In July 1916, Mr. Barua Principal Earle Law College wrote to the Chief Commissioner requesting the opening of M.A classes in other subjects specially in History because he found that the majority of the students had a leaning towards History but due to paucity of funds it could not be taken up. With the setting up of Gauhati University in 1948 post graduate classes in the college with affiliation to Gauhati University had started in a number of subjects.